Monday, December 19, 2016

Clearly Besotted - Bookworm Stamp Set

Hello everyone!!! Today I'm here with a short post. I made a few bookmarks - the white one is for my friend Gábi for her B-day and the black ones are for my son and husband. I bought books as a present for them and I'm sure the bookmark is an essential part of the book present. :-)

The bookmarks were made from two layers - the first one from heavyweight cardstock and the second one from vellum. I made a letter BGR on the paper layer using my new letter stencil from MFT and white or grey and black colours. I added a bookworm and a tab with name on the vellum layer and strings. I combined stencilling, blending, stamping and colouring techniques.

I wish you a FAB day.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Conch Shell Stamp Set / A Paper Pocket

Hello my creative friends!!! Today I'm here to share a paper pocket I made this one for my friend. She is going to use it for tickets - a present for her parents. I used my new shell stamp set and I combined stencilling, blending and colouring techniques.

And here is the result of my work. 

Step by step info:
1. cut and score paper
2. made BGR using stencil, DIPs and Sponge Applicator Tool
3. spray BGR using Shimmer Spritz to get more interesting look
4. fold and stick the pocket
5. stamp and colour shells - some parts of the shells were made from 2 layers to get 3D effect
6. emboss Kraft paper strip and stick its ends to get a "ring" 
7. cut and blend labels, stamp names, add the cork from the back
8. stick the labels, jute and shells

I also join my project into the challenges:
I wish you a FAB day!!!